Friday, 10 January 2014


SCHR members and the Certification Review project team recognise that a prerequisite for any successful certification model is a widely agreed set of standards and criteria against which to assess an organisation. Accordingly, the project will continue to consult and engage with stakeholders on identifying the most appropriate and relevant criteria for external reporting, verification and certification on how organisations apply their commitments.

The certification review project is currently reviewing its draft model, following written input received from some 50 organisations. The revised version of the model, to be released mid-January, will be proposing criteria and some 15 to 20 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to assess a humanitarian organisation’s capacity, performance and accountability, drawn from Humanitarian Principles and existing commitments and standards, including SPHERE, the recently released draft Core Humanitarian Standard and other appropriate standards.

The revised model, including the proposed KPIs will be field tested in four different contexts, by the end of May 2013, to get feedback and inputs from affected populations, community-based organisations, local and national authorities and field staff from international organisations and donor governments  and concrete ideas on how to improve it. Field-testing is intended as an exploration of critical assumptions underlying the model, to assess how useful, relevant and appropriate it is to help a humanitarian organisation improve the quality, effectiveness and accountability of its programmes.

Following this, findings and recommendations from the field testing and consultations will be shared widely for further review and input from humanitarian organisations, UN and governments from affected countries as well as from donor countries.

The certification project will continue to work with SPHERE, HAP, People In Aid and other Quality and Accountability Initiatives to ensure that its work is grounded in and informed by current knowledge and experience.