Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Geneva, 3 December 2013

SCHR and the certification review project team on the statement issued by Humanitarian Accountability Partnership (HAP), People In Aid (PIA) and the Sphere Project on harmonisation of humanitarian standards

SCHR and the certification review project team have taken note, with regret, of the decision taken by the Sphere Board to discontinue the Sphere Project’s involvement in the development of a Core Humanitarian Standard and related activities.

The certification review project team had worked closely with the Joint Standards Initiative (JSI) and contributed to the Core Humanitarian Standard process to date to ensure that the certification assessment criteria which were eventually developed by the project were based on the Core Standard, as a prerequisite for any successful certification model is a widely agreed set of standards and criteria against which to assess an organisation.

The certification review project, which continues its work as planned, remains committed to ensuring that its proposed certification model is grounded in a widely agreed set of standards and criteria. Over the coming weeks, it will be reviewing modalities to best achieve this, in light of the recent statement made by HAP, PIA and the Sphere Project.