Monday, 23 September 2013

LEARNING EVENT: “Can certification contribute to humanitarian effectiveness?”


A joint HAP and Certification Review Project event

The aim will be to share learning from on-going certification initiatives in the humanitarian sector and hear about quality assurance models in the private sector. During the event, speakers and participants will explore options for certification model(s) that best suit the needs of humanitarians and will reflect on the following themes in particular:

§  - The rationale and incentive for certification: trends in the sector and beyond

§  - The norms and standards against which organisations would be certified to promote more accountable, better quality humanitarian action

§  -  A certification model designed to guarantee quality, that promotes learning and is affordable and accessible to all NGOs

§  -  A certification governance structure that ensures credibility, independence and effectiveness that would promote harmony between national and international certification schemes.

During the event, interactive sessions will address key questions related to these themes. The reflections and outcomes from the learning event will specifically contribute to determining an appropriate certification model for NGOs in the humanitarian sector.

The learning event is open to all humanitarian and development actors. It will include speakers and participants from HAP member organisations, other NNGOs and INGOs, national standards and certification bodies, UN and donor agencies, the Red Cross and Red Crescent movement, governments, and certification experts from the private sector.

Registration: To participate in the event, and to read more about the venue and other logistics, please click  here before 30 September.