Wednesday, 11 September 2013

CERTFICATION MODEL: Provide your input and feedback

Following the June event, work on a certification model has progressed considerably. We have now consolidated all the inputs received and have developed a first draft certification model based on these; a model which we hope also can also build on the strengths of existing approaches.

It is critical for the validity of the review that this draft model reaches as many stakeholders as possible for them to have an opportunity to feed in concerns and suggestions so that we can refine and improve the model before it goes out for testing. This work will help us to determine whether or not certification is a feasible and viable for the sector and, if so, how we should develop it.

We are now looking for your feedback and input on this first draft. In addition, we are seeking consultation opportunities with NGOs, donors, the implementing UN agencies and governments in order to gather as much feedback as possible on the test model. If you believe you can identify an event which would provide opportunities to generate in-put; or, if you would like to send us feedback directly after receiving the draft model electronically, please get in touch. We would greatly appreciate your support in helping us with these critical consultations.

The project is also looking for any NGOs interested in volunteering to undertake the pilot testing. If you are interested in discussing and being part of the review, please get in touch with the project team soon.

The time frame for consultations is limited, and we are requesting all feedback on the draft by 31 October. We have also provided a set of guidance questions  to facilitate structured feedback on the model and to help you reflect on how it might affect your organisation’s work.

To get an overview of the project plan for the next 12 months, you can view the project’s planned timeline.

Get in touch by email with Philip Tamminga, the Project Coordinator or Bethan Montague Brown or, to discuss by phone, please call + 41 22 791 64 67 with questions or suggestions.