Sunday, 8 September 2013

Certification of Humanitarian Organisations

How could humanitarian certification affect your work? Will it help you focus on good practice and improving the quality and accountability of humanitarian assistance? Or, will it create additional administrative burdens with little added-value for your work? How would certification affect humanitarian directors, operations managers, finance and audit staff, monitoring and evaluations staff, and field staff and your local partners? Please share this important information with them.

The Certification Review project, sponsored by the SCHR, has been reviewing these questions and has developed a draft proposal for a certification model to assess the capacity, performance and accountability of humanitarian NGOs. As of September 6th, the project team will be sharing the model with stakeholders to generate feedback and inputs on the feasibility of the model. Guidance questions will be developed to facilitate structured feedback on the model and how it might affect your organisation’s work.

This is an important opportunity for you and your colleagues to input and influence proposals which could have significant implications for humanitarian NGOs. The proposed model will be made available here on theSCHR website (translations in French and Spanish will follow shortly), or can be requested by email. Feedback can be sent directly to the project team: or